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    At JLI-Boston, our exclusive focus is the plastics industry. Plain and simple.
  • As recruiting experts in plastics, we assist established and emerging client companies in building Best-in-Class teams composed of the most talented managers and specialists. We work directly with senior management throughout the search process—-translating the company’s specific internal needs, ultimately, into the successful hire and long-term retention of exceptional, thoroughly-vetted plastics professionals. We offer both traditional- and modified-retainer fee structures.
  • JLI-Boston's recruiting successes for its client companies are built on both our deep understanding of the plastics industry and our long-view non-transactional approach to relationship recruiting. We know the history, technology, structure, and competitive strategies of the industry. We've examined corporate cultures that work well in the hiring and retention of key professionals, as well as the ones that fail at this. We understand competitive compensation and how to negotiate and close tough employment deals.
  • Early on, we made it our mission to establish and develop long-term relationships with professionals we've met who, early in their careers, displayed the intellect, creativity, and drive we've often seen in the industry’s most successful professionals. Many have developed into the industry’s sharpest executives and managers, its brightest technical specialists, and its most effective manufacturing leaders. This has also earned us exceptional access to a broad array of Best-in-Class industry talent in every sector--executives, sales, marketing, manufacturing, R&D, engineering, supply chain, and other professionals, each of whom have proven they can make a difference at any company they join.
  • Ours is really a simple recipe: Recruiting experience. Industry knowledge. Spotting talent. Exceptional candidate access, both passive and active. Thorough vetting. Closing tough deals. Assuring satisfaction.

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